In the spring of piloting a new era, representatives from Hangzhou discuss the government work report hotly

Release time: 2018-03-07

Our correspondent Yu Lianming Qi Hang

In the spring of navigating the new era, the first session of the 13th National People's Congress was grandly opened.

Yesterday, I heard Premier Li Keqiang ’s government work report in the solemn Great Hall of the People. Delegates from the National People ’s Congress of Hangzhou were very encouraged and expressed that the report runs through the basic requirements of a clear-cut political statement. People-friendly, strong, deep, and warm, we must continue to work tirelessly in our own work, in the positions of deputies, and continue to strive to contribute more to the realization of the Chinese dream.

"Run at most once" first written in government work report Delegates from Hangzhou are very proud

The government work report made by Premier Li Keqiang pointed out that in-depth promotion of "Internet + government services", so that more matters can be handled online, and those who must go to the scene must strive to "only enter a door" and "run at most once."

"Run at most once" was written into the government work report for the first time, which means that the Zhejiang experience has once again attracted great attention and will be promoted nationwide.

Before the opening of the conference, Hangzhou Mayor Xu Liyi mentioned in the interview that the National Congress of the Communist Party of China opened the first time. This year marks the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up. We have set up a new The goal is to make Hangzhou a "mobile city."

The representatives from Hangzhou are very proud. "I am very proud. This fully demonstrates that the Hangzhou government is constantly striving to facilitate the people and create a better business environment, and has achieved good performance." Hu Shaoxian, representative of the National People's Congress, secretary of the party committee and chief partner of Tianjian Certified Public Accountants Say.

After more than a year of hard work, 110,000 new enterprises were established in Hangzhou last year, of which 85% were through the joint license to achieve "entry as soon as possible"; real estate registration was completed within 60 minutes; personal matters for citizens, More than 290 large-scale and wide-ranging tasks can be handled with a single ID card.

"This reform is a people-centered development practice in Zhejiang, which has strongly promoted a profound change in government functions and a profound change in the way power is run." Luo Jianhong, member of the CPPCC National Committee and vice president of Zhejiang University, personally experienced the "run once" reform belt Coming convenience. In the summer of 2017, he handled the real estate transfer registration business in Hangzhou. "Originally it took 3 windows and at least 3 hours, and now 1 window can be completed in less than half an hour."

Prime Minister's report "especially 'real'"

"This is a very hot report"

"After listening to the Prime Minister's report, I felt that it was particularly 'real'." Xu Guanju, a representative of the National People's Congress and chairman of Chuanhua Group, said that in the past five years, the situation at home and abroad has been so complicated, with Comrade Xi Jinping at the core. Solidarity has led us to move forward. Economic and social development has achieved historic achievements and historic changes. The detailed data and practical work measures in the report fully illustrate the efforts and achievements. Regarding the work in 2018, it also reflects a "real" word. The top-level design made around the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the work deployment in 2018 is comprehensive, detailed, and pragmatic, not only to propose goals, but also to emphasize execution, more accurate positioning, and more confident governance, which brings us more hope and confidence!

Hu Shaoxian, the chief accountant, is most sensitive to numbers. In his government work report, some key figures are underlined. "In the past five years ... the GDP has increased from 54 trillion yuan to 82.7 trillion yuan ... contributing more than 30% to world economic growth." Hu Shaoxian said that since the 18th National Congress of the Party, China has developed so rapidly that it has contributed to the world The tremendous contribution of economic development is exciting. "In the past five years ... the proportion of the service industry has risen from 45.3% to 51.6%, which has become the main driving force for economic growth." Hu Shaoxian said that the proportion of the service industry exceeded 50%, which is an important dividing line in the world, indicating China's economic structure There have been major changes and the quality of the economy is getting higher and higher. "The report is very solid, with many numbers, very encouraging and more confident."

Zhang Zhifen, a deputy to the National People's Congress and director of the Hangzhou Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, paid most attention to the part of "implementing a healthy China strategy." The line was underlined and the words "moved" were written on the side. She said, "When I heard the report, I was really touched when I heard it. I felt that the party and government are really people-centered. This is a report with a temperature."

Hu Shaoxian noticed that among the more than 50 applause of the plenary session, the applause obtained from the "increase of the personal income tax threshold" and "cancellation of roaming fees" sounded particularly loud to him. He said: "This shows that the party and government do Paying attention to people's livelihood is continuously improving the people's sense of well-being. "

"Let's rive our arms away"

"Exporting digital technology capabilities and Chinese wisdom to the world"

The new era welcomes new opportunities and starts a new journey. The highly encouraged representatives of Hangzhou have stated that they want to "get rid of their gangs" and make new contributions to Hangzhou's march to a world-famous city.

Xu Guanju feels that in the past five years, especially since the introduction of "pro", "Qing" new type of political and business relations by General Secretary Xi Jinping during the National "Two Sessions" the year before, "it has brought an unprecedented good development environment for our frontline entrepreneurs." He He said that the Prime Minister ’s report further proposed a series of important measures for optimizing the business environment, such as “building a new type of government-business relations, improving entrepreneurs’ participation in policy-making mechanisms for enterprises, inspiring and protecting entrepreneurship, and strengthening enterprises. This confidence will allow private enterprises to show their skills in the wave of the market economy, “deepen the reform of deregulation and service,” “support the development of private enterprises,” “reduce the burden on enterprises,” and so on. "In this new era, there is no reason why we should not let go of our work and try our best to play a role in the wave of the market economy, and give out more of our market vitality and social creativity!"

An accounting firm is an important type of modern service industry. Hu Shaoxian said that the firm will continue to improve service levels in accordance with the reporting requirements, better promote the economic and social development of Hangzhou and Zhejiang, and make new contributions to Hangzhou's progress towards becoming a world-famous city. .

The government work report mentioned that "high-speed rail network, e-commerce, mobile payment, sharing economy, etc. lead the world trend." This also made Hangzhou representatives very proud. They said that among the three items of e-commerce, mobile payment and sharing economy, Hangzhou is at the forefront of the country and even the world.

The report states that the transition between new and old development kinetic energy will be accelerated, the widespread application of big data, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things will be promoted, emerging industries will flourish, and traditional industries will be profoundly reshaped.

The government work report also inspired Alibaba's experts in Hangzhou. "China has become the world's most willing to discuss technology, which also puts our technology at the world's leading level." Liu Song, vice president of Alibaba Cloud, said that China's practice in industrial AI has led the world. He said that the Kuala Lumpur City Government recently announced the introduction of the ET City Brain to apply artificial intelligence technology to areas such as traffic management. Kuala Lumpur's "new capabilities" come from Hangzhou, China. Based on Alibaba Cloud's artificial intelligence ET, the urban brain has increased vehicle traffic efficiency in the Hangzhou pilot area by 15%. According to data from Gartner, a US research institution, Alibaba Cloud ranks third in global market share, behind only Amazon and Microsoft. "Ali's technical team will continue to export more digital technology capabilities and Chinese wisdom to the world." Liu Song said.

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