(Zhenghe Island) The To B era is here, and there is very little to understand.

Release time: 2018-12-09

If you still hear people shouting "Internet +" "O2O", I can tell you that this view is outdated.

This is because a brand new business storm will strike again. Most companies are still immersed in the excitement of the consumer Internet, and the industrial changes in the second half have quietly started.

Yes, this era is changing so quickly. If you pay no attention, you will miss an era. This innovation force is the Industrial Internet.

Author: Zhu Mingqi

Photo: Visual China

Source: Zhenghe Island (ID: zhenghedao)

In the intertwined emotions of excitement and anxiety, the "second half" is becoming a core topic in the Internet circle.

The first half of the traditional Internet is just a competition about the "consumer Internet". Individual users on the C (that is, Costumer, consumer) side are the core goals of the giants. They hope to make everyone's lives online and data-based.

As a result, people began to use their mobile phones to buy air tickets, taxis, book hotels, chat, shop, and watch the 月月斗地主蓝牌官网 ... and companies like Baidu, Tencent, and Ali have become giant companies.

Today, the Internet wave is shifting from the consumer Internet to the industrial Internet in the past. The giants are shifting the "spearhead" from the C (consumer) side to the B (enterprise) side . They hope that more and more enterprises will access the Internet for digitalization. And intelligent transformation, and finally create a new world of connected things.

Manufacturing, finance, healthcare, automotive, logistics, communications, transportation, urban management, government services ... It seems that every field is a trillion-scale market that is "thrilled to think about it."

"To B or Not to B" has become a new proposition for traditional Internet giants .

Tech giants scramble to B business

In fact, almost all Chinese tech giants are reassessing the value of the B-end.

Ma Huateng is clearly aware of this crisis.

Recently, Tencent carried out a drastic round of business structure adjustments, with the core goal of "embracing the industrial Internet . " Seven years ago, Tencent overturned QQ with WeChat and got a ticket for the mobile Internet. This time turning to the industrial Internet, Ma Huateng obviously did not want to miss the second half.

We know that cloud computing is the foundation of the digital economy. But in the cloud business sector, Tencent started too late. In 2010, Ma Huateng was on the same stage as Ma Yun and Li Yanhong, and misjudged the prospect of cloud business development. This old thing is often pulled out as a strategic mistake of Tencent.

Since 2016, Tencent Cloud has become a strategic business of Tencent Group. Almost every time Ma Huateng attends an event, he talks about “using the cloud” and links the extent of cloud usage in a region to the development level of the digital economy.

Prior to Tencent Cloud, Alibaba Cloud maintained its first-mover advantage, followed by a large number of emerging followers. Traditional IT vendors such as Huawei, Ziguang Group, and Inspur have entered the public cloud from 2017.

In contrast, Baidu chose to start with artificial intelligence. Li Yanhong said that Baidu's AI technology has been applied in 15 industries in three major industries and has made breakthroughs in the to B enterprise market.

Why do everyone now start to say to B ?

In addition to the discussion of the end of the consumer Internet and the start of the industrial Internet, what is more important is that the domestic industrial structure has undergone irreversible changes.

On the one hand, the disappearance of the consumer Internet dividend , no matter which area of clothing, food , housing and transportation is a red sea, the next wave of dividends will come from the industrial Internet that has not yet erupted, and this will be a huge market that is much larger than the consumer Internet. It is estimated that the volume of the Industrial Internet may be 100 times that of the Consumer Internet.

On the other hand, with the transformation and upgrading of the Chinese economy, more and more companies need to replace engines , such as Made in China, which used to be at the bottom of the industrial value chain. Especially in the past two years, supply-side reforms and increasing downward pressure on the economy have forced companies to embrace new technologies.

In the To B era, the spring of "heavy company" is here!

During the great structural adjustment, life and death coexist with opportunities.

The core of the Industrial Internet is to B capabilities. In the new competition of to B for Internet companies, who can help B to improve operational efficiency, better allocate resources, and better serve customers, who will win the future.

In the past, people were thinking about how to "lighten assets" of the company, but in the future, more consideration should be given to how to build a "heavy company" . Chuanhua Zhilian, a logistics benchmarking company in Zhejiang, has already taken an important step in this era of change.

1. Why is the “heavier” the more valuable?

When the Internet wind broke into the logistics circle 3 years ago, there was a surge, and the more asset-light companies got higher valuations. Looking at the current industry trends, the trend of returning to offline and heavy assets is obvious, especially in the field of logistics.

Today, JD.com's most powerful competitiveness is self-built logistics. Ma Yun also said that after developing to its current size, Alibaba must adopt a heavy asset strategy and invest in large-scale infrastructure to ensure its own competitive advantage.

In 2015, Chuanhua Zhilian injected logistics assets with 20 billion yuan. At that time, many people thought that Chuanhua's offline layout of hundreds of logistics base assets was “too heavy”. After a gust of wind, it was found that the offline logistics center network became the most "heavy" but most valuable part of Chuanhua.

Initially, Chuanhua Zhilian's vision was to create an intelligent logistics network for China's highway freight transportation. Now it is further focused and condensed into a "Chuanhuanet" strategy, relying on three major infrastructures: the national highway port city logistics center, payment platform, and intelligence. system.

Among them, highway port is the "root" of Chuanhua logistics business. As of the end of June 2018, Chuanhua Highway Port had 150 national projects, covering 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions.

Obviously, the rampant "APP" era has ended, and the "Internet +" that is truly rooted in the real economy and manufacturing industry is the "money path" and sustainable business model.

2. Efficiently connect "people, cars, goods, yards, orders"

Chuanhua's offline physical highway port gathers people, cars and goods, and then matches and deals on Chuanhua's platform. Picking, loading, drivers parking for meals, refueling, auto repair, etc., the scene applications are extremely rich.

Chuanhua Zhilian relies on Chuanhua Highway Port, supporting various links related to supply chain services such as warehousing, distribution, transportation, and distribution. It is hoped that through the supply chain business, the links will be connected in series to allow the network to flow. By setting benchmarks for productization and standardization, the system is docked with the ERP system of the cargo owner, which is similar to connecting a water pipe to form a platform, and then doing a series of value-added services around these business scenarios.

In other words, it is precisely to achieve an efficient connection of "people, cars, goods, yards, and orders."

With a manufacturing background, coupled with these physical layouts, Chuanhua Zhilian makes it easier to understand companies and explore their needs when it serves service manufacturing. Through the services of Chuanhuanet, it has been able to help enterprises achieve an overall supply chain efficiency improvement of 30% and reduce overall costs by more than 20%.

After the highway port has been built, there are economic effects. When planning, the government will consider the entire supporting facilities of Chuanhua Highway Port to form a virtuous circle.

3. More than ten years of iterative achievements

Step by step, the steady progress of Chuanzhizhilian ushered in the bonus period.

At the end of 2017, Chuanhua's payment business reached 178.6 billion yuan. In 2018, we explored and implemented the “warehouse distribution + payment + finance” system solution, and derived products such as logistics wallets. The profit space can be imagined.

Intelligent information system is another weapon tailored by Chuanhua for the logistics industry, enabling enterprise customers to realize smart delivery and smart ordering on Chuanhua online to achieve one order to the end. This kind of technical level problem is not a big problem. In addition to digital economy empowerment, Chuanhua has been studying and exploring emerging technologies such as blockchain.

The logistics supply chain business is a ballast stone for Chuanhua Zhilian's performance release.

At present, there are nearly a thousand customers of Chuanhua Zhilian Logistics' supply chain business, involving households, building materials, energy supplies, chemical manufacturing, fast-moving consumer goods and other industries. There are no shortage of Chint Electric, Far East Cable, CSG Group, Nongfu Spring, Geely Automobile, Midea and other well-known companies.

According to the 2017 financial report of Chuanzhizhilian, its supply chain business revenue has exceeded 11.6 billion yuan and has become a core business. In the first three quarters of this year, Chuanzhizhilian achieved operating revenue of 17.571 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 46.48%; a net profit of 404 million yuan. The year-on-year increase was 69.71%; the net profit after the realization was 327 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 789.79%.

According to the characteristics of "Internet +" winner-take-all, once the scale and reputation reach a critical point, Chuanhua's performance will explode.

4.Focus on systems, not just technology

The performance of Chuanhua's logistics segment is a long-term release process. CITIC Securities has given qualitative characteristics: long-term optimism about the company's intelligent logistics layout, a unique model of "logistics + finance + the Internet", high performance growth potential, and the scarcity of the target. It can rely on the future The “transmission network” with high competition barriers constantly attracts traffic for realization.

In particular, as the logistics supply chain business continues to introduce goods into the network, Chuanhua ’s “storage and distribution” operation capabilities have been further enhanced, financial products have been deeply integrated with highway port city logistics center operations, and supply chain operations and factoring, financial leasing and other financial services It is also expected to become a new profit growth point.

The organization is optimistic about the long-term logistics engineering business, and recognizes the 7-year ultra-long-term performance commitment of Chuanhua Group, and the probability of long-term strategic holding is greater. At the current price level, institutional shareholders are all experiencing a certain floating loss. Judging from the policy environment and market trends, the "policy bottom" has now appeared and the window of opportunity is about to appear.

Of course, Chuanhua also faces a lot of challenges, mainly weaving such a large ecological network, its internal structure is more complex, and highway port operation risks are facing great challenges.

Generally speaking, to B platforms like Chuanhua Zhilian are concerned with system solutions, not just technology and other aspects.

Technologies such as mobile Internet, big data, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things are all means. In the next 10 years, who can build a more efficient collaborative system, who can better serve the real economy, and who will stand at the apex of this industry revolution .


This is a profound systemic change!

If the consumer Internet is an easy mode, the process of the industrial Internet will be a hard mode, and today is the tipping point for a new round of industrial development in China. Its breadth and depth are bringing unprecedented changes to our economy, business, society and individuals.

The future disruption is so terrible and so exciting!

There is no doubt that the Industrial Internet will generate a new round of competition, but whoever represents the most advanced productivity will win the future.


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